possitive feedback

client satisfaction

“As someone coming straight out of college, it was a valuable lesson on the real aspects of the business.”
Yogesh Markad
“It was extremely useful and a necessity for all new graduates to attend.”
Vaibhav Patil
“The programme was very useful and we learned more than what I had expected.”
Sujeet Kumar
“The tips that were provided make learning the tricks of the trade easier.”
Jay Mane
“I learnt a lot more about the relevant standards and methods concerning the estimation and costing.”
Yogita Jadhav
“Training objectives were clearly explained and achieved”
Anand Dhandar
“There are too many good points to list! The course was very relevant to my job and will help me in most aspects of my work. It was an enriching experience.”
Ganesh Shide
“Objectives were clearly stated from the start. I gained a greater knowledge of estimation of all kinds of civil work and it’s correct utility.”
Ashish Gadekar
“The hands-on practical training sessions were very good”
Vaibhav Khalate
“The trainer used many ways in which to pass on his knowledge to us. Helped me to understand concepts better.”
Vaishnavi Yele